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Hi, I’m Elia. Pleased to meet you! I’ve been designing since 2011. Here you can find a showcase of my best work in UX/UI design, as well as information about my design process and approach. I am passionate about creating user-centered designs that are both functional and visually appealing, and I have worked on a wide range of projects for clients in various industries​

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Factoring is one of the most popular and profitable products of banks. Factoring is a type of financing where a company sells their accounts receivable (invoices) to a third...
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Escrow Mobile App
I participated in the development of Escrow product for Alfa Bank’s mobile application and web version. Escrow is a legal arrangement where a neutral third party holds money...
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Letters of credit
Letters of credit is one of the main products I worked on for almost 2 years at Alfa Bank. Letter of credit is a financial guarantee used in international...
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Alfa Click Test Assignment
As a test assignment for employment at Alfa-Bank, one of the largest banks in Russia, I developed a concept for the main page of web banking. From this page, the...
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Financial Literacy App for Teens
As part of Alfa Battle Camp, a competition for design teams, I participated in the development of a financial literacy app for teens. We came up with a system...
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